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Pedestrian footfall index in Dublin city centre

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Dublin City Business Improvement District

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Created on:

01 Jan 2006

Last updated:

01 Oct 2013

Date range:

01 Jan 2007 to 15 Jul 2014


Title Pedestrian footfall index in Dublin city centre

Pedestrian footfall counts Pedestrian count data from 13 cameras with high definition sensors on key shopping streets of Dublin City Centre. There is data from 6 of the cameras going back to 2007. 7 of the cameras are more recent additions. The camera at Korky's on Grafton St was relocated to Dame Lane in 2013. Cameras were recalibrated in January/February 2012 to show pedestrian directional flow data 'in' and 'out'. Note separate worksheet tabs for each week of the year, shown hourly by entrance at cameras around the major streets of the city centre. The 2014 data is been updated on a weekly basis and the data for each week is contained in their own sheet in the DublinFootfall2014.xls

Publisher Dublin City Business Improvement District
Region Dublin City
Category Population and Communities
Contact Point Not supplied
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Update Frequency Weekly
License CC-BY-4.0
Last Updated 2013-10-01
Target Public Sector,Citizen,Data Scientist