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DCC 2017 Litter Pollution Monitoring System Results

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Dublin City Council

The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin read more

Date range

01 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2017


Title DCC 2017 Litter Pollution Monitoring System Results

This report sets out the results of the National Litter Pollution Monitoring System (System Results) for Dublin City Council. These results are compared to national results and aggregate results for all Dublin councils. Data presented in this report are based on Litter Quantification and Litter Pollution Surveys carried out by local authorities in 2017. These surveys measure the composition and extent/severity of litter pollution respectively. Chapter 2 analyses the results of Litter Quantification Surveys carried out by Dublin City Council. These surveys indicate the main constituent elements of litter pollution in Dublin City. Chapter 3 presents the results of Litter Pollution Surveys, which indicate the severity and causes of litter pollution.

Publisher Dublin City Council
Region Dublin City
Category Environment and Energy
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