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Dublin City Council Planning Applications

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About this dataset


Dublin City Council

The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin read more

Date range

01 Jan 2003 to 10 Dec 2019


Title Dublin City Council Planning Applications

Planning Applications details and spatial data from 2003 to date The Planning applications data is extracted from the APAS Planning system and holds details on the progress of a planning application in three separate spreadsheets (BASE, FURINFO, APPEAL) and spatially available DCC_PlanApps Shape file and the DCC_PlanApps.csv. ''Base datasheet contains Application reference, dates, description, location, decision etc. 'REG_REF Registration Reference no.'APNDAT Date application made'PROPOSAL Short Description of proposed development'RGNDAT Date application is registered by Planning Authority 'LOCATION Application address'APPTYPE DECISION Grant, Refuse, Split Decision, Further Information, Clarification of Further Information etc'LONG_PROPOSAL Long Description of proposed development'FINAL_GRNT_DATE Date of Final grant of planning permission'DECDAT Date of planning authority decision'TIME_EXP Extension of Time to?.'STAGE Unregistered application, Application registered, Application Decided, Managers Report, Decision issued, Appeal lodge, Appeal decided etc ''To chart the progress of a planning application read the ?Base? sheet in conjunction with Conditions and Reasons ?CRD? sheet.: 'APNID, Application ID'TYPE, Granted, Refused, Split, Withdrawn etc C (Condition), R (Reason) D (Directive) I(Informative) N (Note)'CODE, Codes for Standard Conditions attached'DESCRIPTION Descriptive text for condition, reason, directive etc.''Details of applications that were requested further information are included in a separate file ?FURINFO?. Appeal information is also held on a separate sheet ?APPEAL?. ''Planning Applications Spatial data ?PlanAppsSpatial? planning contains file reference number and location co-ordinates; the spatial data is in ShapeFile format, ITM projection.''The planning application data is updated every night

Publisher Dublin City Council
Region Dublin City
Category Planning and Land Use
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Update Frequency Daily
License Creative Commons Attribution
Last Updated 2019-12-19T10:10:10.341791
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