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Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) Licences Register

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About this dataset


Dublin City Council

The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin read more


Title Fats, Oils & Greases (FOG) Licences Register

Register of all FOG licenses issued to food service establishments This dataset contains a register of all Fats Oils & Greases (FOG) licenses issued to food service establishments in Dublin City. The FOG programme was put in place in 2008 to reduce waste grease discharges from clogging the city's sewers and is licensable under the Water Pollution Acts. Information fields contain a list of facilities, their addresses,licence number as well as the type of facility, which include: Fast Food Restaurant'Full Service Restaurant'Drive through (only) Restaurant'Seasonal Restaurant'Coffee Shop'Bakery'Supermarket'Hospital'Nursing Home'School/College/University Canteen'Club/Organization Canteen'Company/Office Building Canteen'Other'Guess House'Public House 'Convenience Store/Deli 'Hotel 'This datasets can be read in conjunction with the drainage maintenance cleaning programme dataset for Dublin City, which contains a field to indicate if grease was found in a cleaned drain, thus feeding into the FOG inspections.

Publisher Dublin City Council
Region Dublin City
Category Transport and Infrastructure
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Update Frequency As Required
License CC-BY-4.0
Last Updated 2017-09-14T11:46:04.843136
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