Fire Brigade and Ambulance Call Outs

Fire and Ambulance Annual Incident Activity Log Dublin Fire Brigade (DF) and Ambulance (DA) annual incident activity logs. Fields include date, area of incident (district ID) and response time data. The fields from MOB through to CD are generated by the vehicle (either by a button press or a voice message) and they reflect its changing status.'TOC the time the call is received in the control centre'ORD the time the vehicle is ordered, i.e., mobilised to the incident by a control operator.'MOB the time at which the vehicle is mobile to incident (the vehicle has started to move)'IA the time the vehicle is in attendance (the vehicle is stopped at the incident)'LS leaving scene (the time the ambulance is leaving scene for hospital)'AH the time at hospital (ambulance has arrived at hospital)'MAV the time at which the vehicle is mobile and available (vehicle heading back to station)'CD the time at which the vehicle is closing down (back at station, vehicle radio is being shut down) Echo Life threatening Cardiac or respiratory arrest Delta Life threatening other than cardiac or respiratory arrest Charlie Serious not life threatening immediate Bravo Serious not life threatening urgent Alpha Non serious or life threatening Omega Minor illness or injury

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