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National Waste Management (Hazardous and Transfrontier) Licensed Companies

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Dublin City Council

The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin read more


Title National Waste Management (Hazardous and Transfrontier) Licensed Companies

Waste Regulation Management The National Transfrontier Waste Shipment Office in Dublin City Council is the single point of contact for national waste imports and exports, including the administration and enforcement of environmental regulations. This data is extracted from Dublin City Council's Waste Regulation Management System (WRMS) tracking system for Waste Collection Permits, Waste Facility Permits, National Hazardous Waste Movement and Transfrontier Shipments of Waste. The two datasets include a list of authorised waste collectors and waste facility permits (permits, names and addresses). Data covers national areas. Permits available through EPA.

Publisher Dublin City Council
Region National
Category Transport and Infrastructure
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License CC-BY-4.0
Last Updated 2017-09-14T11:47:08.471470
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