Sustainable Urban Drainage Sytems (SUDs) Resgister and Map

Register and Map of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) completed in Dublin City Council area This database contains location and description information for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) installed as per final drainage drawings referenced to planning applications granted by Dublin City Council between 2005-09. 'SUDs is a sustainable approach to rainwater management that mimics natural hydrological processes to reduce stormwater runoff and add amenity value. Typical SUDs installations included in register include attenuation tank, permeable paving, detention pond, swales, green roof, infilatration trences/soakaways, filter drains, permeable paving, filter drain etc. For further information on SUDs see'Information fields include location address, landuse (as granted), national grid co-ordinates, planning application reference, status (planning, under construction or constructed), previous landuse, ownership, maintained by (public or private), area (permeable and impermeable surfaces), type of device, reason for installation, physical features (shape, size etc), outflow limit (limit of flow off site in litres/second), ecological features (plant life) and water quality.'Spatial co-ordinatesfor each SUDs are given in Irish Grid and an overall GIS Map shows the distribution of SUDs installations across Dublin City. Spatial Projection: IG, MapInfo

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