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Since 1980, Dublin City Council (DCC) has been conducting traffic counts at 33 locations around the cordon formed by the Royal and Grand Canals.//nThe counts are conducted during the month of November each year. Since 1997 the counts have been conducted over the period between 07:00 and 10:00 progressing to a 12 hour period (7am - 7pm) since 2010. In addition, every May there is a cordon count survey carried out at approximately 60 locations encapsulating a much wider cordon, for example; in addition to the cordon formed by the Grand & Royal Canal, further counts are carried out along the Liffey Bridges between Heuston Station and the East Link Bridge and Parnell Street and St. Stephens Green.//nThese Cordon Counts provide a reliable measurement of the modal distribution of persons travelling into, and out of, Dublin City on a year on year comparable basis. The data collected is divided into the various transport modes allowing us to better understand the changing usage trends in cycling, pedestrian and various vehicle types. With this knowledge the data informs how to improve our management of traffic in terms of Road Safety and the efficiency of movement so as to continually adapt to the current and projected growths in travel demand, while continuing to promote the growth of sustainable modes of transport.//nFigure 1.1 in Resources is a map of the November Canal Cordon and the 33 locations on the Cordon where data is annually collected on the movement of people between 0700 and 1900hrs. As the name suggests, the cordon has been chosen to ensure (as far as possible) that any person entering the City Centre from outside must pass through one of the 33 locations where the surveys were undertaken. All 33 cordon points are on routes for general traffic into the City Centre, while 22 of the cordon points (shown in red in Figure 1.1) are on bus routes into the City. The numbers of people using Bus, Luas, DART and suburban rail services to enter the City Centre are collated from each of the various service providers and an Annual Monitoring Report is prepared by the National Transport Authority. //nAlso includes volume data from the SCATS system

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