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  • Litter Fines 2011

    Log of litter fines This dataset contains a log of the litter fines issued in Fingal County Council during 2011, the location and date of offence and the relevant section of the...
  • Bathing Water Quality

    Details of Bathing Water Quality monitoring at Fingal's beaches. The European Union sets standards for the quality of bathing water in member states. Fingal County Council...
  • Households

    Number of households per Electoral Division from Censuses 2006, 2002
  • Recycling Quantities

    Tonnage of materials recycled in Fingal via Green Bin/Recycling Centres/Bring Banks and WEEE collection
  • Street Lighting Fingal

    Street Lighting This dataset is extracted from Fingal County Council's street lighting management system and consists and inventory of all street lighting pole locations in the...
  • Trees

    Location of Trees in Fingal with Species and the common name for each tree.
  • Webcasting Viewers

    Webcast viewing numbers for Council meetings
  • Winter Salting Routes

    Winter Salting routes in Fingal Location of Winter salting routes in Fingal. From October to April the Transportation Department undertakes salting of the major road network...
  • Noise Map of Fingal County Council area

    Noise Map Grid This dataset contains the FCC Model results Data Sets. A 3D model of the County is inputted into the model including buildings, building heights, road centre...
  • Fingal Councillors Data

    Contains information regarding the Councillors of Fingal County Council including allowances and expenses and representative payments.
  • Bathing Water Status Fingal

    Details of Bathing Water status at Fingal's beaches for 2013 - 2016. Bathing waters are monitored, assessed and managed under the requirements of the 2008 Bathing Water Quality...
  • Fingal Development Planning

    Development Plan resources for Fingal County Council. Includes Nature Development Areas, Heritage Sites, Highly Sensitive Landscape, Protected Structures.
  • Garda Stations

    Location of Garda Stations with contact information. Garda Stations in Fingal with location, address, division, division HQ, district, district HQ, and contact information
  • Fingal Planning Applications to date

    Planning Applications details and spatial data ''For each Planning Application record the data includes - (i) Planning_Reference - unique reference number for the application...
  • Bring Banks

    Bring banks for recycling of glass/cans and textiles with location. Spatial Projection: WGS84
  • Schools

    Schools in Fingal Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Youthreach and Third Level institutions and location
  • Fire Stations

    Location of Fire Stations with contact information.
  • Parks

    Location of Regional and Neighbourhood Parks and Open Spaces in Fingal
  • Leisure Facilities

    Leisure Facilities and location, Spatial Projection: WGS84
  • ACA Boundaries

    Architectural Conservation Areas in Fingal, Spatial Projection: WGS84
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