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Ambient Sound Monitoring Network

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About this dataset


Dublin City Council

The authority responsible for local government in the city of Dublin read more

Date range

01 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2017


Title Ambient Sound Monitoring Network

Dublin City Council measures ambient sound quality throughout Dublin with a network of sound monitors. This datasets consists of spreadsheets and raw data taken from monitoring sites around Dublin City. The sound level meters store continuous 5 minute sound pressure levels, with information from the individual daily files then collated into a spreadsheet with separate worksheet for each month of the year . The results of the sound level meter are given in Leq, which is the average sound level over the period of measurement. L95 and the L10 data is also provided. This is the sound level exceeded for 95% and 10% of the time respectively. The sound monitoring network helps to validate the noise mapping grid dataset, which is available in the research zone.

Publisher Dublin City Council
Region Dublin City
Category Environment and Energy
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License Creative Commons Attribution
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